Opinion What Sourdough Taught Me, in the Pandemic and Beyond The New York Times | gastrobackuae

Opinion What Sourdough Taught Me, in the Pandemic and Beyond The New York Times | gastrobackuae

And finally, the machine should bake the bread to an even, golden brown on the medium setting, Juicer with no hot spots. It proofs, kneads, and bakes evenly, reliably yielding better loaves than any other machine we tried. If your family goes through bread like gangbusters, you’ll want the West Bend 3 lb. It can make a jumbo 3 pound loaf, the largest of any electric bread baker. And on those days, when only one or two are home for supper, you can make a petite 1 ½ pounder.

  • There is no express setting and some of the settings require up to 3 hours but the long time may also help give a tender texture and a high rise.
  • While it does use two paddles to make a standard-shaped loaf (a rare feature among bread machines) it generally disappointed us.
  • The Cuisinart Compact Automatic Bread Maker takes up less space on your countertop because it’s taller than it is wide.
  • The 13 hours delay timer features and sturdy body design always make this bread machine stand out more than its competitors.
  • Our goal is to enhance your cooking skills so you can use the bread machine correctly and bake more delicious bread without any major issues.

The downside to the vertical loaves is that the shape can be odd for making sandwiches, and you might need to cut the slices to make them fit neatly into your toaster. Also, because the heating element is located on the bottom of these machines, very tall loaves can bake unevenly with darker browning on the bottom and a very pale top crust. We want life (the Egyptian Arabic word for it, aish, also means bread) for our children and all children. There is still, and there is always, something to be done with what you have right here, in and on your hands. There’s a gluten-free setting, too, but no gluten-free bread recipe in the manual. The wholemeal bread, in particular, held together well and didn’t crumble.

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This Zojirushi also excels at the process of baking itself, turning out evenly baked loaves with lovely golden crusts. Plus, the nonstick baking pan makes for easy cleanup across the board. You will have to make sure you’ve got room on your countertop and in your wallet for this somewhat large and pricey machine, but if you do, it’s definitely worth the splurge. I have been baking bread at home for over 7 years and have been writing about food—with a specific focus on bread—for a similar amount of time. My work has appeared in publications like Taste Cooking, Eater and Bon Appétit.


“You’ll get better bread on a consistent basis if you learn where your maker needs help, and give it what it needs,” she said. For example, if your dough is sticky, it may need more flour, or if it’s stiff, you may need to add water. And if your dough moved to one side of the bread maker after kneading, take it out and reshape it before baking to get a more even loaf.

How Bread Machines Work

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